Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A First Step

Every journey begins with a single step. Same with every blog. Unlike tech-smart, new media savvy bloggers, though, my step was quite a basic one - I googled "How do I start a blog?" And here I am.

For months, I've joked about starting an underground revolution at work. It would called "Mikki's World" and it would house my latest and greatest ideas.
Well, doesn’t every blogger aim to do just that? This is why I did not want to “blog.” It seemed embarrassingly self-indulgent. But so did Facebook – and now it’s become a fun way to keep tabs on friends, watch slide shows of random pets ,and
uncover who else is addicted to Lost (“you’re gonna die, Charlie).

In short, it’s nice to have a blank canvas to fling random thoughts. If not, they will end up being written on napkins. And then I will spit my gum into it and throw it somewhere. Or I'll use it to wipe my cat's nose. Yeah, that's how I roll.

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